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Le’Lube is not just another lubricant. It is a very unique, yet affordable “better for you” water based premium personal lubricant. Le lube have formulated a free of parabens and toxic chemicals lubrication gel with ALOE VERA, NON- IRRITATING and Dermo Sensitive. pH balanced and low in OSMOLALITY (reducing the risk for infections, STD’s and HIV). The product we formulated consists of the highest quality ingredients. That makes Le lube one the cleanest, safest, simplest intimate product that you can find

We are tested

LE’LUBE test reports done (Vaginal & Rectal Mocusa Irritation Test PBL Pacific Biolabs California USA) confirmed ZERO irritation after both Vaginal & Anal application.

The WHO (World Health Organization) recommend products not to exceed 1 200 mOsm/kg

Le’Lube OSMOLALITY measure 764 mOsm/kg, way below our key competitors.

OSMOLALITY simply is the concentration of a water based lubricant. On the slightly more technical side, OSMOLALITY is a measure of the concentration of dissolved particles per unit of water in a water-based liquid and it’s measured in milliosmoles per kilogram (mOsm/kg). Water has ZERO OSMOLALITY. Key ingredients influencing OSMOLALITY are firstly any Undisclosed flavors or fragrance, PARABENS (Toxic Chemicals), POLYQUATERNIUM 15 (a cosmetic preservative which Causes skin irritation).

pH – is the measure of a liquid’s basicity or acidity on a scale from 0-14, 0 being most acidic and 14 being
most basic with 7 being the reference point in the middle at neutral. Generally healthy bodies regulate pH naturally with a particular balance of yeasts, fungi, and bacteria combined with body secretions may become imbalanced when a foreign substance (like lube, douches, or enemas) disrupts the levels of bacteria or fungi Imbalances in vaginal pH can lead to BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) and yeast infection or serve as a warning sign or symptom of a more serious health issue. Vaginal and cervical pH levels (normally between 3,8 – 4,5) naturally fluctuate with the menstrual cycle and are affected by estrogen levels, as well as playing an important role in fertility and conception

Le’Lube pH measure between 5 & 7.5, inline with required reference off 7

69 ml Tamper Proof Tubes

5ml World Patent  Snap Sachet


  • Silky Lubricating gel with Aloe Vera for both intimate pleasure and massage
  • Suitable for vaginal and anal application
  • Guaranteed ZERO irritation
  • Low in Osmolality and Ph balanced
  • Does NOT contain POLYQUATERNIUM 15 (a cosmetic preservative which Causes skin irritation
  • No toxic chemicals, ie. Parabens
  • Water based and Alcohol Free
  • Colorless and Tasteless
  • Fragrance Free and Non-Sticky
  • 100% Condom and Toy Compatible
  • To prolong use, apply some water
  • Available in
  • Unique packaging for On-The-Go world patented 5 ml SNAP PACK
  • 69 ml Tamper Proof Tube
  • Formulated and packed in Cape Town SA at a fully ISO22716 Accredited Cosmetic Facility
  • Registered Trade-mark
  • Proudly South African Registered

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